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Monday, August 27, 2007


Certification !

A piece of paper which speaks about :

A recognition for your knowledge
A criteria for Appraisal
An important column to make your resume more attractive
An easy way to highlight your talent

And there the list goes ,

Whatever it is ,even I tried to complete a few certifications in the month of June and July ,
Attempted for 3 certification and cleared it with good score ...

One was SNIA Level 1 certification conducted by SNIA( Storage Network Industry Association ) , a certification related to my domain i.e SAN

And the other two in testing field

1. Software Testing certificate
2. Software Quality Assurance , both conducted by Brainbench Organisations

So here I am the owner of some certifications ....
May be I can also use it to highlight my resume ( with a wink )

My Onam at US...

So this year , I m here in US celebrating my Onam ....
Ohhh...lot of confusion regarding the time change of India and US ....
Its almost 50-50, Onam for me started at 6.30 evening night time and will be enjoying till 6.30 evening today... Hmm what to say ...everyone starts the festive mood at morning and I need to start @ evening ...Oops !!! Anyways that's also enjoying ...
Made some feast for myself ..like Sambar, Carrot poriyal and Milk Payasam ...
What to do..thats my Onam feast in US .....
Cannot prepare much as I need to start to my Office early...Anyways a different Onam in all together different place ,
So there goes by first Onam at US , hopefully many more to come I guess :)
Just an optimistic thinking..... :) After all life is full of dreams...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

At Last...Here I'm....

Ahhh..At last here I am in my dream country..Yes I m scribbling this from Colorado,USA....
Everything happened very fast,right from my L1 visa being processed to my joureny to United States of America.

Everthing happened in couple of days after I attented my Visa interview.I was asked to fly within 2 days from my date of Visa interview..Since most of the shopping was already done for my previous visit...I didnt go for much shopping...Lot of procedures to be finished since I came in L1...Anyways "Everything is for good" thats the main mantra I m believing these days...

Started to US on 28 July 2007 on Lufth ,Chennai ->Frankfurt->Denver
Met new people ,made new friends...hmmm..Really a good experience during my travel .My parents,friends,realtives,well wishers everyone was excited reg., my travel.

With all their blessings and prayers,reached safely at Denver airport.Its almost half an hour drive from the airport, to my apartment at Boulder where I m staying with my friends.

A very loving place to stay, calm, good environment...
My office is quite far away from where I stay..its @ Broomfield...Managing to commute by bus to my office...
So this is my first weekend here @ US...thought I can scribble something in my pages rather than taking nap and wasting my time...Wish to enjoy each and every moment here...And I feel I m doing what I have planned..Planning to go for shopping in another few hours... :)

Catch everyone later on more posts...See you

"Happy Friendship Day to All" :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dream of Onsite Preparation

Lemme first start with my tragedy story …
As I have already posted, my visa for USA was ready.B1 type valid for 10years.

Now lemme start with a bgm (back ground music) a bgm for sadness.

It was one fine day in March ...to say exactly March 22nd, when my manager personally came to my cubicle to inform me that I will have to fly the next Friday March 30th. The intended place of visit was Broomfield in Colorado state,USA.

What to say I was not able to even hear the next sentences he was telling to me because of excitement.I was flying on colors. The very next day I was about to go on a week vacation with my parents to my native (Kerala)
I immediately called my parents and my dear and close friends to inform about my trip. The first thing I have to do is to cancel my tickets to my native. Did that as per the plan. The next thing was to prepare a list of things to buy for flying.
Started preparing the list on day1 itself. Lot of rumors and gossips and hype’s in my team about my travel. The most thrilling part was that I was about to travel alone. Actually the house warming of my dream house was commenced on April 23rd.All my friends and relatives were happy as well as upset regarding my travel. Happy regarding my travel,Upset that I will not be attending my house warming.Oops!!! I didn’t take any chance in informing my manager regarding my house warming, since these trips are a dream come true to many.
So I set my mindset for my onsite trip. Called up my team mates in Broomfield almost daily to know the proceedings, the list to buy, the kind of weather and other stuff.

So planned my date for shopping on Saturday.Called up my friends to accompany in my shopping. I, my brother and my friends started shopping .What to say to my surprise I got all things needed to my taste and satisfaction. How cannot that be according to my taste,15k spend on a single day for the trip.hmmm quite a big amount to do shopping that too on a single day.

So the preparation was going good. My friends were adding colors to it, asking me to post more in my blog after going there.To take lot of snaps, what not they were making my imagination much more colorful. But on 28th of May i.e. 2 days b4 my intended date of travel ,I came to know that there are some problem in my travel, since the client I was working for was acquired by another concern, and they stopped approving the onsite assignment at that instance of time….

Oops there came crashing my imagination and dream to an end. But still there was a hope that it might be postponed the next week. But at last it was confirmed, that my trip got cancelled. There came the end of my dream. I was bit emotional (to tell the truth , the whole day when I got the confirmation….But what to do we cannot sit behind and weep all the time…I came back with a hope the next day thinking its for my good….

Yes it was for my good, since my house warming was planned the next month….
Thus my shattered dream to onsite, regained my happiness in attending me attend the house warming of my dream house.

It’s a late post…almost 3 months late I can say. If I would have gone on that intended date, then by this time .I should have returned back…
Anyway thought of posting this at least now :0)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back Again!

Hi, it’s almost two months since I scribbled something in my pages….
Hmmm really bad ...Isn’t it?
Lots and lots to say regarding the past two months
Lemme start one by one
More details regarding the incidents in the next post…

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Real Estate-BOOOOOOOOM

For over a couple of decades, the echo of the word "Real Estate" is very louder. Where ever you go, you can find advertisements of properties by the promoters or builders, but what made the real estate, a real booooom? The answer is spelt out as simple as from even the layman “IT industry”. The biggest driver of real estate office market is the booming IT and ITeS segment.

May be that is true!

People say the IT professionals are well paid, this in turn is allowing the real estate to grow a lot, but in the race the one who is affected are the normal citizens. Each and every commodity price is increasing b’coz of this.We get junks of mails regarding this topic, the basic subject being please stop getting involved in real estate. But is that possible in the current trend. The answer is definitely a big "NO".Infact everyone are trying to compete with the other in getting the lands/houses.

The promoters these days need not really go in for advertising as such, they are in fact on the demanding front. The give less than few hours for us to take a decision on the things which we are planning to buy. People are in a fear whether they will not be getting a plot they long for, since the competition is too high.But to my knowledge this is the time for each of us to think and act. The raise in the interest rate offered by the banks for the loans which we are taking is unpredictable. It is increasing each and every day. The rates fixed by the promoters is unbelievable ,when are they going to give full stop on this increase.

May be "Sky is the limit for them ,yes the estate boom is for real".Hope the returns from real estate investment will be among the highest in the world.

Please do have an eye on this…Be Alert & Cautious !!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weekend in office :)

Sometimes spending weekends in office also gives a good feeling...With no one to command you to finish this and that work,but ofcourse completing the work in the specified time.
Doing work peacefully...hearing music...Yes I like this feeling of working.Working with no one around me ...Blogging ofcourse adds extra pleasure :0)

Happy weekend for others who are enjoying their life going for parties,shoppings,spending with friends...

Even I will be attending a get together tomorrow .A get together of our high school friends at Anna nagar...Very eager to see all my friends together again after six years.Hope I will post more on my get together with my friends on next week.

See you on more posts...

Loss of my favourite Author

I was busy with my work on wednesday, when I was interrupted by a call.It was from my friend to inform me that my favourite author is dead...My God it was such a painful shock for me to know that Sidney is dead.Ending the call I tried the news channels in net to confirm the news.Yes the news was true...

It was the time when my high school education was over and I was waiting for my counseling for engineering to be taken place,to pass away my boredum I started reading Sidney's novels.I was so much impressed by his readings that I developed it as a hobby to read his books."The Sky is falling" was my first book.From that on wards I developed a great passion for Sidney's work.In the recent past I have started writing the reviews of Sidney's novel in my blogs. For more details regarding few of my reviews refer...

I will say that his novels has helped me a lot in improving my reading skills infact.He was such an awesome writer.the way he writes his novels keeps you turning the pages,clueless regarding the story till the end.

And now its time he finished his writing in this world,but for sure his writings will be remembered and cherished for ever ....

I feel that we should Thanks Sheldon for contributing such a masterpiece of work to the literary world.Hope that his daughter author Mary Sheldon will follow up her father's contribution to the literary world.

May his soul rest in peace.

For his partial biography refer this link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Sheldon

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Incidents Last Year - A Continuation...

Two days after I posted a write up regarding the incidents that happened last year. I , sorry all our family members were stuck up by the sudden illness of my father. It happened on December 28th when my father felt feverish early in the morning hours, since the climate was too cold; we thought that it could be the reason behind the fever, but we didn't try to diagnose the reason. We consulted him to a good doctor in Anna Nagar...

As we have consulted him to a doctor,I was relieved so , started to my office and my brother started to his school as usual. By evening his temperature was bit reduced by the time we reached our house. After arranging his bed, I thought of taking rest after a tiresome day .I was too tired that I felt asleep as soon as I lay on my bed…But I was awaken suddenly by my brother in a tensed manner. Awaken from my sleep I could see my dad was in a bad condition…he was not able to breathe properly as well as his right chest paining, Since it was right chest I felt a bit relieved than my mom. I called up my uncle @ midnight ,it was almost 12 o' clock .My uncle informed me that he will be in my house in another 10 min with his car. Hearing this mom felt relieved and we tried getting him dressed to be taken to hospital. He was having severe temperature and shivering. Hearing this fuss my neighbors in my flats came running for our help.

My uncle arrived in another few minutes and took my dad accompanied by my mom to the hospital. I and my bro were watching helplessly @ my father as he was trying hard to breathe…After 10 minutes I called up my uncle to know the status. He said he had admitted my dad in the emergency ward @ Vijaya hospital and informed me that he is getting alright as he is under observation. I was constantly calling him to know the status. That was a horrible night for me and my family…

Hmmm what to continue…he was hospitalized for more than 10 days…Doctor's said it was pneumonia and they were giving treatment for that. He was moved to normal ward after two days. We took a private room for us…the room was very spacious with all facilities…that itself made my father relieved a bit. Feeling the homely atmosphere. The hospital as a whole doesn't have a hospital environment as such…it was beautifully maintained.

Our family friends were visiting my dad for almost all the days. My mom stayed in hospital for all the 10 days. I used to prepare lunch and dinner and will pack for them and will then turn to office daily. But I was very particular in bringing him back b4 new year. A small senti… :) which normally everyone will have. I tried a lot but in vain… the doctors told me to wait for two more days to get him cured completely…

What else can I do…:( so my dad decided that our whole family will celebrate the start of New Year in hospital! So as per his decision we stayed in the hospital on 31 st night, eve of 2006 end…As the clock ticked 12…we wished each other…the nurses were the first to wish my dad…we went to a temple which was there in the Hospital premises itself …I was happy that we got a chance to stay together, though it was in hospital…And thus our new year 2007 was in hospital.
After four or five days…my dad got discharged completely cured…from pneumonia except for the rise in Sugar level in blood which he can manage once he is back home…Those days were horrible days for me. Only after the return of my dad back home…we were back to life

So that was how our new year started for 2007 :-)

The reason why i didn't blog for the past few days was this...Hope you would be understanding my situation :-)